XXth Annual Diocesan Synod concludes

The XXth Synod of the Diocese of the Pacific and Southwest, Anglican Rite Catholic Church, concluded on Saturday with the ordination of the Reverend William Leland to the Priesthood. Our congratulations to the newest steward of the Church. In all, 11 clergy and 14 laity attended the Synod. Bishop Seeland tendered his canonically required resignation (age 70 in 2007) which the Synod declined. The 2005 Treasurer’s Report was received with gratitude. Fathers Leland and Ronderos and Mr. Robert Teuchert were elected to serve on the Standing Committee. Father Rasch was appointed by the Bishop for another one year term as well. Father Swan and Mr. Wally Butts were elected to the Consistory Court and Father Rasch was elected as an Associate Judge. Bishop Seeland also appointed the Honorable Robert Lynch as Diocesan Principal Legal Counsel and Bishop Henry King to head the Commission on the Ministry. A canon for nominations in the election of a bishop was eased. A budget of $18,100 was adopted for 2006. In addition to the Ordination Mass, a Solemn High Requiem Mass for departed Priests and a Chrismal Mass (for the blessing of holy oils) were celebrated during the Synod.

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