Outdoor Choral Mass

We will celebrate the Epiphany this Sunday under the oaks on the south side of the Chapel of the Oaks (just a little way up the hill from the main parking lot on your left as you enter the park – take a left just after the guard shack). Deacon Yeager will be performing a Mass of the Presanctified. Bishop Rasch will preach.

Download the service leaflet here.
Join the Zoom meeting here.

As a reminder, some key notes for in-person attendees:

  • Face masks will be required throughout the service except during the reception of Holy Communion which will be in one species (Host only). Face masks must cover your nose and mouth – this is especially important during singing or responses.
  • Please download the service leaflet using the link above to your favorite e-device. You may elect to print it out at home and bring that to the service. A limited number of prayer books/hymnals will be available for those who do not have smart phones/tablets.
  • Please sign the sheet for contact tracing and place your offering in the plate as you enter. Hand sanitizer will also be available.
  • Those who live together in a household may cluster their chairs to sit together. Please be mindful to maintain distancing from other individuals or clusters.

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